“Ain’t That Just Like Me?” Yes David Bowie It Is, Thank You!

Today I heard someone say, in reference to David Bowie’s death, that for him rock stars had been more like prophets than just entertainers. That people like John Lennon and David Bowie had more influence on his values… Read More

Unresolved Trauma Creates The Walking Wounded Who Live Amongst Us

Yes those pictures are of the same man. This week the death of the great David Bowie has been a real loss that I will be writing more about later but last month the  world lost another great… Read More

Shrinking With the Stars: Benedict Cumberbatch as Hamlet is Very Therapeutic Indeed

Shakespeare is apparently very happening right now and thank goodness because after recently seeing Hamlet I’m reminded of how powerful Shakespeare can be and how it provides a rare opportunity in our modern society to see and connect… Read More

Attention High School Seniors and Parents-Breathe It Will All Be OK!

Ah yes, fall is here—time for beautiful leaves, hot apple cider and college applications. Yikes! It can be a very stressful time for families. In my practice I have seen students and parents in every phase of the… Read More

5 Tips for Fair Fighting

Into every life conflict will arise.  This is the inevitable reality we must all wrap our minds around.  I know we don’t like it.  I know we wish it could be avoided.  People often go to great lengths… Read More

Happy Mother’s Day! Helpful Lessons From Women I Have Known

I rue the days when I rolled my eyes at my mother for complaining that being a mom was the hardest job of all. How little I understood about the constancy and complexity that the role required. I… Read More

Arguing With Your Partner? How To Take a Break That is Productive

I see so many couples on the right track. They seem to understand that sometimes during an argument it may be a good idea to take a break to avoid further escalation. This is a fine idea but… Read More

What Does It Mean To “Be Strong” During Grief?

I can’t tell you how many times I hear from grieving people how they want to “be strong,” “seem strong” or are afraid of “not being strong.” I don’t know where we came up with this crazy language… Read More

Shrinking With the Stars: American Sniper and the Heartbreak of PTSD

I’m not sure what to make of the controversy that’s surrounded the movie American Sniper. I know that there are some conflicting stories about Chris Kyle, the Navy Seal on whom the movie is based, and comments he… Read More

Toddlers Are Not the Only Ones Who Hate Transitions-How to Help

Is there any worse transition than the month of January? We go from two months (more if you count the time the malls start ramping up) of planning, anticipating and celebrating the holidays to the hell that is… Read More